Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are we there yet?

So Katherine thought it would be a fun video to do a montage of every time the kids ask how long or are we there yet. I am inclined to agree. Yesterday we hit our first (and hopefully last) at related snag. Our gas light didn't go on and we ended up stranded on the side of highway 95 in Delaware. Couple hours in record breaking heat was rough but being Texans we managed to survive.
Katherine's husband met up in NYC for a week and he just left us yesterday. Thankfully I was able to snap this awesome photo before he did.
We are only on tour for ten more days. Hard to believe. If you haven't made it to any workshops now is your chance. Philly was packed yesterday despite the heat. Our final leg is the south and Texas. Austin is filled up but you can still sign up for Jacksonville, Fl, new Orleans, or Houston. Looking forward to meeting more stitchy folk!

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