Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Dear Crewel Friends,
As we weave our way through life, we often come to a crossroads. For me, this is one of those moments. Wool & Hoop has been a joy to be a part of these past 15 years. I am ever so proud of the two books I’ve written on what I call the “New Crewel.” As we entered the 21st century, I had felt that crewel embroidery needed a wake-up call. I wanted desperately to see contemporary designs in this gorgeous, age-old needlecraft. With or without my influence, that has happened. Whether in art, design, fashion, or craft, Crewel Embroidery is alive and well. I feel good that in some little way I had a hand in that. My fellow embroiderers, both young and old, have raced forward with amazing creativity and have made it their own. And the crewel world is all the better for it.
So I am heading down a different road. I will still be stitching, and even teaching now and again, but most days you’ll find me in my studio making art. Wool & Hoop, the company I began in 2003, will be closing early this summer. I extend a heart felt thanks to all of my customers. I have enjoyed serving you, teaching you, and designing for you. Keep on keeping on… the crewel world needs you!
As I close down my online shop, www.woolandhoop.com, all items have been dramatically discounted for quick sale. 50% OFF EVERYTHING!!! Just enter the code: ILOVECREWEL when you check out. (While supplies last. All sales final.) Stop by and see what you can add to your crewel coffers. Get your crewel on. Stock up. Tell your friends. Buy up what you can while supplies last.
Thank you, take care, and please stay in touch…
Yours always,