Friday, June 1, 2012

From Marfa to Maine... and Beyond!

So in between obsessively stitching spirograph designs in every color we can think of we have been planning a massive book and workshop tour. We can happily fill you in on the first leg of workshops scheduled!

Dallas @ Oil & Cotton: June 12, 6-8pm
Sign up online here or by calling 214.942.0474.

Kansas City @ Urban Arts & Crafts: June 13, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 816.234.1004.

Oak Park, Illinois @ Knot Just Knits: June 15, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 708.948.7943.

Chicago @ The Needle Shop: June 17, 11am-1pm
Sign up online here.

Milwaukee @ Sparrow Collective: June 18, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 414.747.9229.

Cleveland @ Wool & Willow: June 21, 6-8pm
Sign up by calling 216.791.7952.

Columbus @ Wholly Craft!: June 23, 5-7pm
Sign up online here or by calling 614.447.3445.


Whether you're brand new to stitching or an advanced embroider, Katherine Shaughnessy's New Crewel Embroidery Workshop is sure to be a perfect fit. We'll have a trunk load of Katherine's newest crewelworks with us and plenty of copies of her latest book, New Crewel: The Motif Collection. So come and learn (or get refreshed on) some basic crewel stitches and then let Katherine show you all of her new favorites, especially the super fun, 'spirograph' stitch from the new book. She'll also go over some crewel history, an explanation of materials, finishing techniques and pattern transfer tricks. Participants will receive all the supplies needed to get started -- linen fabric, wool thread, needles and a hoop. Workshop fees vary. Contact locations for details. Wool & Hoop kits, supplies and books -- featuring original designs, dozens of fun projects and over 20 embroidery stitches -- will be available for sale. The workshops are small and are sure to fill up quickly, so sign up today!

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